All Things Apple

31 Aug

Big stuff happening tomorrow: Apple is live streaming their special event. According to Mashable, the company will announce a new line of iPods, relaunch the Apple TV as iTV, and start renting TV shows for 99 cents.

All good stuff. Although, once again, I have to say: I wish Apple would stop making things I want to buy. I’ve already got a birthday order in for the iPhone 4, and whatever iTV is or costs, I suspect it will be under my Christmas tree.

Like many happy Apple fans, I’m so in love that I’m eager to ignore some of the (dare I say it?) design flaws. But lately, a few have really started to irk me.

Take iTunes, for instance. Honestly, I hate the UX. It’s not intuitive; sometimes I feel like it takes looking for a needle in a haystack to an entirely new level. Irritating. What I really want is a visual Pandora experience: Point and click to all the music that sounds like U2. Or that played on WNEW-NY in the 1970s.

And why isn’t my music library in the cloud? I know that this is related to DRM, but seriously, haven’t we progressed since iTunes launched 10 years ago? I’ve been trying to find a way to use my new iMac to sync my iPhone, rather than my aging MacBook, but iTunes is stubbornly refusing.

I wish iTunes would operate more like Amazon’s Kindle: I don’t need to wire my devices (Kindle, iPhone, iPad) into any computer. Turn on the device, open the app, look in the archive and download my books. Want them off the device? Fine. Put them back on the virtual cloud shelf to take down another day.

The other thing that has started to get on my nerves is the lack of Flash support. This didn’t bother me too much on the iPhone. I could manage without it. But, on the iPad, it really downgrades the user experience. Video is one of the best features of the iPad, yet I can’t watch any video sites that use flash. I tried all kinds of workarounds to watch the Daily Show. No luck. For now, Jon isn’t mobile.

So, I did have to laugh today when I read Mashable’s article on tomorrow’s event. It will be live-streamed – but only to Macs running Snow Leopard (alas, my MacBook is on Tiger) or devices with iOS3.


One Response to “All Things Apple”

  1. Willa G. Sears January 20, 2013 at 12:01 am #

    There are also some more design elements that make the iPhone 5 truly unique. One thing that is just so amazing to me is the chamfered edge on the antenna that runs around the sides of the phone, and it’s especially noticeable on the white model. These polished metal accents really put the phone over the top in the looks department — it’s reminiscent of the detail put into a high-end timepiece.

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