Gobbledygook, ROI and ESI

30 Apr

I know, I know. Awful title for this post – crazy word plus acronyms. Yuck! But all are good, interesting things I’d like to share.

Per my OED, Gobbledegook (we spell differently in America), is “official, professional, or pretentious verbiage or jargon.” David Meerman Scott agrees and what’s more, he hates to see it in press releases (or marketing, for that matter).  I completely agree. That’s why we at Dow Jones enthusiastically helped David analyze 711,123 press releases for frequently used (actually, overused) jargon. We produced this analysis with one of our coolest services: Dow Jones Insight, which is used by PR pros to measure media coverage and identify the hot spots in social media conversations about their organizations.

ROI usually stands for Return on Investment, but lately when we use the acronym, it’s about Return on Intelligence. This is a knowledge economy, and we can’t underestimate the value of the stuff that fuels our ideas: information.  Brigitte Ricou-Bellan just published an ebook that offers some ideas on how to justify the investment in knowledge and information management solutions. My colleague, Ken Sickles, extends the conversation on this topic in his blog, Let’s Talk Knowledge.

Finally, ESI stands for the Dow Jones Economic Sentiment Indicator, but I really think it’s best described as an optimism indicator. You’ll want to check this out. We’ve paired the proprietary algorithm of Dow Jones Insight with the economic expertise of Dow Jones editors to produce a new leading indicator of the state of the economy. We’ve tested the optimism indicator against other well-regarded indicators – and it has been a better predictor than all of them. It will be the one to watch over the coming months.


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