Hiatus Terminus

1 Oct

“Let’s just call this next business trip what it really is,” said Dorothy to Jerry. “A nice long break.” But what she really meant was that it was over.

Or was it simply a hiatus? Hiatus, from the Latin, is first defined by OED as: “A physical break in continuity; a gaping chasm; an opening, an aperture.” Like Dorothy, I suppose I did see the growing chasm after my last post back in May as an opening, an aperture, a way out of the commitment.

But not really.

Part of me kept seeing it as OED’s second definition: “a missing link in a chain of events.” (The event, in this case, being me sitting down to write in a nonprofessional capacity, which, sadly, is an Event.)

I have good reason for the interruption. I was having fun – elsewhere. Summer meant spending more time with my family (Hawaii for 10 days!), lounging in the new hammock (recalled at the end of the summer by Pottery Barn), and – since the fall started – work, school and current events (addicting political hijinks, frightening economic meltdown – everything a news junkie loves; GIVE ME MORE!).

But I kept coming back to the blog. Not to write, but strangely, to view my blog stats. It’s fascinating that I continue to get views of old posts. Most popular: my post on Gore’s We Campaign. Some days, I’ll have as many as 10 hits on my blog. I know it’s not a lot (yes, it’s really pathetic). I do truly understand the gap between me and the Huffington Post or Wonkette. But 10 is a lot for a unknown, untended blog on hiatus. (And, I’m oddly, pathetically, proud of it.)

So perhaps it’s time to end the hiatus, to close the gap, to continue the chain of events.

Of course, there is so much to talk about. Any flak who has done even minimal media training is armchair-quarterbacking the McCain campaign’s propping up of Sarah Palin. Tomorrow evening’s debate is a must-watch.

So perhaps I’ll be back tomorrow night, to drop my suitcase on the floor, to beg for another chance, to have my say.

“Shut up,” Dorothy said to Jerry. “Just shut up. You had me at hello.”


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