Post Eclipsed

20 Feb

Well, here’s an example of one of those unbeatable work-family trades. After writing most of my post, I took a break to tuck the boys into bed. Only problem was, they were nowhere in the house. I found them outside watching the lunar eclipse. And so the four of us stood there, toes falling off freezing and definitely past bedtime, for half an hour watching our shadow cover the moon. I love when we detour as a family into something like that. The eclipse was very cool, but not as cool as watching it together.

So here’s the trade: I forgot to save my post and lost it. Let’s see if I can recreate it.

After class this week, two students stayed behind to talk. They raised a good point during our conversation. Blogging was much more exciting if you write about your passions.

Most of the students in the class have been frank about not enjoying the blogging requirement. Now, I understand why. I asked them to blog about their reactions to our class discussions and readings. That’s too rigid of an assignment, and what’s more, it’s not going to teach them what I want them to learn. Worse, it’s antithetical to the philosophy and culture of blogging.

The best and most successful bloggers are those who write about what intrigues them. It’s logical, isn’t it? Your posts should be more interesting to write and more interesting for others to read if you are passionate and intensely curious about the topic.

So I’m changing the rules. It’s open blogging season. Start a conversation about your favorite topic – sports, music, fashion, whatever interests you. If it connects you to people with similar interests, I’ve done my job.


One Response to “Post Eclipsed”

  1. thisisalisha February 21, 2008 at 5:54 pm #

    I got to see the lunar eclipse too. My roomate and I had a countdown, I even left a movie screening to go outside for like 20 mins to watch it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one and it was awesome. It creeped me out a little too because the whole time I thought a lazer was going to shoot down and some aliens were going to laugh in our face. But maybe I’m just insane…

    I think blogging about our interests is a RELIEF. I’m so glad you changed your mind because after our blogging requirement I actually started subscribing to blogs that I have known from my internships and now I have a whole new appreciation for the blogosphere. I have read some interesting stuff out there about the things I enjoy – music, fashion, movies, TV – so I wanted to post my thoughts about some new things but didn’t know if I was allowed since we have to keep up with readings. But maybe I will start expanding my thoughts not just on what our class is about but my own passions. So thanks for the encouragement!

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